Our Story

Hi, we are so happy you chose to visit our Puzzle store,

Jigsteria was founded during 2020, a time when the world came to a sudden halt, and many of us found ourselves dealing with an unfamiliar reality.

Along with the many difficulties that this new reality presented, new insights and renewed joys such as connecting to the base, to ourselves, and to the people that surround us, also surfaced.

In this reality, we re-discovered our love for puzzles and re-learned the tremendous benefits they hold. We were amazed to find how good puzzles are in strengthening connections between family members of all ages, reducing stress, and even with their ability to improve cognitive skills.

Our "World Tour Collection" is based on yet another longing that arose during the Covid-19 period, longing for the opportunity to travel and experience different landscapes and cultures in an authentic and unswerving way.

Each Puzzle in this "Six Ft Art - World Tour Collection" was taken in a different place around the globe by professional photographers and avid travelers, who are inspired by landscapes, exotic places, and people... everything you need for a good story.

By turning these "moments in time" captured through their lens into high-quality puzzles, we hope to provide you, and your loved ones, moments of pleasure, relaxation, and inspiration.

The Jigsteria family.

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