Our Story

Hi, we are so happy you chose to visit our Puzzle store,

Jigsteria was founded in 2020, a time when the world came to a sudden stop and many of us found ourselves dealing with an unfamiliar reality.

But not all was bad, along with the many difficulties, new insights, and renewed joy in connecting to the base, to ourselves, and to the people that surrounds us, also surfaced.

In this reality, we rediscovered our love for puzzles and had the chance to re-learn the tremendous benefits inherent in them to strengthen the connection between family members and friends of all ages, provide hours of sheer enjoyment, reduce stress, and even improve cognitive abilities.

We spent months piecing up a collection of beautiful and high-quality puzzles for you to choose from.
As puzzles are also an amazing parent-child educational activity, we've made sure to include also Puzzles of great landmarks from around the world and puzzles of famous paintings.
We did so to allow you to leverage all the amazing benefits of puzzle solving by presenting also an opportunity for knowledge expending.

Through that, we hope we can give you, and your loved ones, moments of pleasure, relaxation, and inspiration.

The Jigsteria family.

We'd love to be in touch hi@jigsteria.com